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AKROH Industries develops and manufactures its own extensive range of plastic and webbing products, from collars to ear tags and from toolboxes to machine guards. We serve markets in the agricultural, automotive, construction and optical industries.


Start to finish

Of collar to eartag and machine protection cover, we design and make it all. But how would you have it? A standard product but with your brand name and desired colour? An exclusive design with your own business name? Tell us what your needs are and we tell you what there is possible, and that is very much...


AKROH Industries B.V.

AKROH Industries goes back to 1956 when Arend Horst set up a small business producing women's clothing, caps and hats. In the 1960s, he chose to leave the unpredictable world of fashion behind and move into the more stable equestrian market. Part of the product range consisted of horse-riding helmets...